Are You Ready for Med Rec?

Medication Reconciliation Post-Discharge (MRP) will become a Stars Rating measure starting 2018 (2016 data, see April 4, 2016: CMS 2017 Announcement: Final Call Letter, pg. 138). The Stars Rating requirements for MRP will follow the existing NCQA HEDIS 2016 Technical specifications. 

The measure will include all members, ages 18 years and older, who have had a medication reconciliation within 30 days of discharge from an inpatient facility. The denominator is the number of discharges (not patients) spanning January 1st to December 1st. The Medication Reconciliation must be conducted by a prescribing practitioner, clinical pharmacist, or registered nurse. 

A Medication Reconciliation is considered complete if the medication record documents a current medication list for the patient with some reference to the discharge medications having been checked against this list, or a notation that no meds were prescribed/ordered upon discharge. 

Three reasons your MTM pharmacists are in perfect position to complete these Medication Reconciliations for your organization: 


  1. We have the skills and experience to effectively complete a Medication Reconciliation
  2. We have a relationship with the Health Plan, making implementation much easier
  3. We may be able to use the existing MTM platform

The greatest challenge may be getting the discharge medication list to the pharmacist, and submitting documentation back to the Medication record database. 

myMTMcare is partnered with ActualMeds, whose  MTM software includes a specific medication reconciliation tool with the ability to import the discharge medication list from an EHR, or other sources, and automatically align it with existing medications. The solution assists pharmacists in completing the reconciliation efficiently and according to best practices. The system also keeps a longitudinal record of reconciliations with a complete audit trail to support CMS reporting requirements for the new measure. 


Jul 25, 2016