Do You Have an MTM Vendor or an MTM Partner?

When one of our clients recently described myMTMcare as his MTM Partner, not his MTM Vendor, it was a beautiful moment. He had summed up nicely what is different about myMTMcare. What's different is that we care about creating impactful MTM programs that meet the unique needs of our health plan partners. 

An MTM partner will treat your members like you treat your members. As your MTM partner, we represent you. Mymtmcare gets to know each health plan and the members they serve. We work to represent you the way you want to be represented while making the greatest impact on your population.

An MTM partner cares about the things you care about. Our health plan partners tend to care about improving the health of their patients, not simply providing a "check-the-box" service. Being a partner means that we provide what the health plan needs, the way they need it. No population is the same, thus no MTM program is the same. As your MTM partner, we continually work to provide the MTM program that will be most beneficial to you. 

An MTM partner makes sure you get the best value for your MTM budget. In our program, you pay as you go only for the services that you receive. If you want a 5-star CMR completion rate, then we will work hard to make that happen. If you want to focus on a specific issue or star-rating, then we can do that. As your partner, we work to set and achieve your MTM goals together. 

There are many MTM vendors out there. Many who can give you a technically CMS compliant program. At myMTMcare, we work hard to be an MTM partner providing a great member experience, high-quality, tailored MTM services, and a value-based program that works to meet your goals. If this sounds good to you, then give me a call. May is just around the corner! 


Mar 1, 2017