Finding the Right Fit

The defining moment in my track toward entrepreneurship happened early in my life. In middle school, I was assigned a research project in which I was told to interview someone who inspired me. I chose to interview my grandfather, a man who had been in World War II, had owned a toy store and eventually started a company that made industrial screens. At the early age of 50, he sold that company and made a sizable profit, allowing him to retire and share his wealth with his family. 

Inspired by my grandfather’s determination, success and generosity, I set a similar goal for myself soon after graduating from college: Sell a company and retire by age 50. It was a challenge finding the right company. I had numerous ideas, and pursued a few before the right opportunity came my way. 

I was working as a pharmacist and had just received a life coaching certification when I received a job offer that allowed me to work from home and consult with patients about their medications. It sounded like the perfect combination of life coaching and pharmacy. I could hardly believe my luck. 

I called patients from my home office, completed medication reviews and sent patient follow-ups. Yet I also had to schedule patient calls, send faxes to doctors and follow-up on the recommendations I was making. That’s when I realized that the complexities of the job were going to lead to burn out. I needed help and I needed it fast. 

That week, I hired my first employee and the idea for myMTMCare was born. It seemed I had found the company that I wanted to commit to growing. 

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Aug 5, 2015