Sometimes the grass is greener...

Did you know that the CMS opens their Health Plan Management System (HPMS) for program changes three times a year? That means if you’re not 100% happy with your MTM services, you can make updates to your current year’s program. 

Your three update windows are: 

March 1st – 10th 

During this time you can make changes to your current year’s MTM program. 

June 1st – 10th 

This is your second opportunity to make changes to your current year’s plan. 

Sept 1st – 10th 

This special window lets you make changes to your current year’s MTM program AND next year’s program, too! 

Why consider changing? 

It’s simple. To help improve the quality and outcomes of your MTM program. You can do this by: 

  • Adding an additional MTM partner to help increase your CMR completion rates.
  • Making additional patients eligible, which can help increase member health and satisfaction.
  • Adding services that can help target quality or cost issues that are specific to your plan.

Changing your MTM program is easy! myMTMcare will give you an updated submission template and most changes are approved by the CMS in just a few days. 

Add a positive change to your MTM program during the June 1-10 update window– Give myMTMcare a try! 


May 26, 2016