PacificSource Case Study


In 2014, PacificSource was working with another major MTM vendor, and in that year they achieved CMR Completion rates of just 29.1% and 37.7% for their two plans– only a 2 and 3 STAR rating!


In 2015, PacficSource chose myMTMcare as their partner. In our first year, the CMR completion rates climbed to 65.7% and 65.3% for their two plans – a 4 STAR rating for both. What a jump!

MTM Web Case Study Pacific Source


It took some time to get to know PacificSource's population, but in our second year, we began establishing trust and consistency as patients became more familiar with the process and value of a CMR.

Fast forward to present day, and nearly four years of teamwork, listening, and problem solving has paid off! The results truly speak for themselves.

When we first started working with PacificSource, their two plans had a 2 star and 3 star rating, we are proud to report that in 2018, both plans achieved a 5 star rating!

MTMWEB Case Study Pacific Source Graph2

We have a lot more to say, but we’ll cut to the chase…

Work hard, make patients happy, get five star ratings. It’s that simple.

myMTMcare partners with health plans to work toward a common goal: increasing CMR completion rates and achieving a 5 star rating. We reach the last 20% of customers other MTM companies don’t by personally and emphatically engaging with each customer.

Simply put, we are your 5 Star CMR completion rate partner. We know shifting cut points for ratings make achieving goals challenging, but we can help. Our friendly staff makes higher ratings effortless. We take time to get to know you, your customers, and your challenges so we can work together to make big things happen.