Talk is cheap, let’s look at the results.

Our approach is different, and therefore our numbers are different. And by different, we mean outstanding! We get the results and have the case studies to prove it.

01 MTM Care WEB Pac Source 02


We took over PacificSource's MTM program at the start of 2015. In our first year, we increased their CMR completion rate from 29.1% to 65.7% and it only got better from there.

Mtmcare Web Medigold


For more than twenty years, MediGold has provided their members with cost-effective, high-quality, local health and drug coverage. They choose myMTMcare as their MTM partner in 2017 and for the next 3 years our pharmacists provided their members high-quality MTM services, bringing their CMR completion rate up from 2 Stars to 5 Stars.

MTM Web Case Study i Care


iCare is a small healthcare provider that services a special population. They had traditionally used a retail model for their MTM program. With myMTMcare as their partner, they discovered that the telephonic approach can work!

Mtmcare Web Allcare

AllCare Health

Our AllCare partnership began in 2017 – and so did their 5 Star CMR Completion Rate! Working closely with the AllCare team helped us to make a genuine connection with their members, which is the magic in our results.