Meet The All-Stars

We have an exclusive network of pharmacists that stretches across the nation, helping patients feel comfortable with nearby quality care. Our associates cover the details so our pharmacists can focus on improving patient outcomes.

MTMWEB About Team

Randee Bowder


Randee is our amazing founder and CEO. After working in community pharmacy for years, she switched to MTM and immediately fell in love with the challenge. Her passion for caring for others and readiness for a challenge inspired her to start myMTMcare

Her favorite thing at home:

Her pineapple plant she’s raised with her daughter.

Her favorite movie:



Director of

Brandy has been in the industry for 20 years, working across a variety of positions to understand patient needs, guidelines, and market opportunities. She loves the opportunity to connect with people and provide patients with clinical guidance when needed.

Hidden talent:

She loves making challah bread with a recipe she learned in Israel.

Her warning label:

If malfunctioning, insert caffeine.



Meet Michael. When he is not working on finances, he enjoys spending time with his daughters, playing Sudoku, and most outdoor activities.

Job he would have 200 years ago:

A blacksmith, because he loves fire, tools, and sculpture art.

Favorite movie:

The Matrix



Emily has experience in hospital, long-term care, and infusion pharmacy settings. She likes to ask open-ended questions to encourage people to open up and be advocates for their own health.

Hidden Talent

Crocheting animals and dolls

Job she would have 200 years ago:

A pirate.


Call Center

Barbie loves using her customer service skills to relate to patients, even when it seems like they have nothing in common. She knows when a patient is in a hurry and will get to the point, but also enjoys working with patients who want a little more time to talk.

Song that would play if she were up to bat at the major leagues:

“Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen

The first rule in her own kingdom:

Be nice.

Rachel Firebaugh


Rachel has an amazing background in a variety of different pharmacy settings, but she has a passion for public health. Rachel hopes she leaves each patient feeling empowered to partner with their health care team to make healthy and informed decisions regarding their care.

Job she would have 200 years ago:

A farmer right in beautiful Central Oregon!

Favorite movie:

Mary Poppins

Jodi Geduldig


Jodi is one of our pharmacists that loves making connections with patients. Even if it is something small like knowing their pet is misbehaving, that connection can make a world of difference in completing a CMR and helping the patient.

Job she would have 200 years ago:

A matchmaker. She LOVES love and has been very successful at matchmaking with friends!

Favorite song:

Circle of Life, from the Lion King.

Heather Gray

Pharmacy Supervisor

Heather joined our team with over 20 years of retail pharmacy experience. Her favorite thing about being an MTM pharmacist is making connections with people and finding things that they have in common, that way patients feel like they are talking to a friend, not just a pharmacist.

First rule if she had her own kingdom:

Quiet hours from 8am-11am Mon-Fri.

Her secret talent:

Fixing things

Molly Grutsch


Molly’s MTM superpower is letting patients know that she is here to help. She enjoys the challenge of individualizing every call based on a patient’s engagement and health literacy.

Her favorite thing at home:

Mr.Waffles, her cat.

Molly’s warning label:

No self control around baked goods.

Lizbeth Ibarra

Call Center

Meet one of our amazing associates, Lizbeth. Lizbeth is cool as cucumber and takes the time to listen and help patients understand MTM, especially when it's harder to grasp.

Favorite movie:


Her favorite thing at home:

Her succulent

Princess Khan


Princess has six years of experience as an MTM pharmacist. Her secret to success is relaying information in a way that is easy to understand for patients, so they walk away with at least one thing that is useful to them.

Her secret talent:

Princess has a blackbelt in Kempo Martial Arts.

Warning Label:

Caution, extreme sarcasm.

Amy Moore


Amy has worked in a multitude of pharmacy environments, giving her a greater understanding of the ever-changing healthcare system. She loves making her patients laugh, making them feel comfortable opening up.

Amy’s warning label

Likely to bust out dance moves if there is music playing.

Hidden talent:

She was a competitive gymnast and can still do the splits.

Claire Patla


Claire has experience in both long term care pharmacy and medication therapy management. Her approach to MTM is to be open, understanding, and non-judgemental, so patients feel comfortable sharing more about themselves.

Job she would have 200 years ago:

Professional ballerina.

Favorite thing at home:

Her beloved banana tree. Being originally from the Philippines, this tree reminds her of being on a nice, warm, tropical island

Zoe Reyes

Call Center

Zoe is one of our bilingual pharmacist associates and event coordinator. Her MTM superpower is helping patients understand that MTM is beneficial for their insurance. She enjoys talking to people, especially when helping them be safe and responsible.

Favorite movie:

The Goonies

Job she would have 200 years ago:

A taxi driver so she could meet lots of people

Sarah Schwab


Sarah has been a pharmacist for over 20 years with certifications in immunization, travel medicine and medication therapy management. She makes sure patients are getting the most out of their medications and empowers them in their medical knowledge.

Hidden talent:

Sarah is ambidextrous and can eat with chopsticks with both hands.

Warning label:

Sarah has a very long memory.

Kimberly Stewart

Director of Accounts

Kim is our amazing Director of Accounts. She greets every patient and health plan with empathy and acts as an advocate for all.

Her favorite non-human thing at home:

Her basset hound Flash.

Favorite movie:

Forrest Gump

Viriya Wooderson


Viriya's extensive experience expands from retail, home infusion, to inpatient hospital pharmacy. She has a passion for helping patients and enjoys the constant learning that comes with the job.

Job she would have 200 years ago:

Viriya would have owned a bakery.

Song that would play if she were up to bat at the major leagues:

“Say Something” by Justin Timberlake.

Amalia Uvalle

Call Center

Amalia greets patients with her friendly attitude every day! She has a passion for connecting with people and understanding how to help them.

Song that would play if she were up to bat at the major leagues:

Any Christmas song.

Her warning label:

Cries too much.

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