Genuine Approach,
Big Results.

myMTMcare was founded out of a belief that people value honesty, real relationships, and expertise. These are the values that our business was founded on.

MTM Web About 1 Personal

We get personal.

Because healthcare is personal, because people are better able to listen when they know you care. People need to be seen as unique individuals before they'll believe you, before they'll engage with you. Our work is personal: a one-on-one connection that makes a difference.

MTM Web About 2 Spirit

We’ve got spirit.

We live and work with spirit and vitality. We put zest into everything we do. We get the job done despite challenges; we love challenges! We are a team and we work together to meet our goals, to lift one another up, and have a great time doing it.

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We turn "No way!" into "You made my day!"

You will be changed for having worked with us. We impact our world both big and small. We change minds and hearts for the better. We bring good into the world. We are smart, savvy, and caring. Always making a difference for those we encounter.

MTM Web About 4 Hearts

We are all heart.

We love people and it shows. The grumpy ones, the kind ones, the sick ones, and the sad ones. We love ‘em all. Spreading this love and feeling the love is why we come to work each day. We believe that through caring for people we can change the world.

The myMTMcare Team

Our team members are chosen for their fit with our company’s approach and values. They love the work that they do, and it shows. They bring their passion, their expertise, their experience and their empathy to their roles of pharmacists and associates.

Our Pharmacists

Our pharmacists live and work all over the country. Each pharmacist brings with them years of clinical experience, and a passion for connecting with our patients. They work with integrity and autonomy, each setting their own schedules and managing their patient workload. Although our pharmacists work remotely, they are supported and connected to their co-workers through the systems and channels we maintain for the team.

Our Call Center Representatives

Based in Hood River, Oregon, our call center representatives run our call center and support our pharmacists who are distributed across the country. They book appointments, generate takeaways, and handle the operational aspects of the business. Their support allows our pharmacists to focus on what they do best – and what they enjoy most – connecting with patients.

Randee Bowder
CEO & Founder

Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs and scholars, Randee’s leadership skills and drive for excellence is in her blood. Inspired by her grandfather, who started, owned and sold a successful business, Randee knew she wanted to pursue a career that would both challenge her mind and satisfy her need for independence. With a keen aptitude toward math and science, she pursued a career in pharmacy. After earning a Bachelors degree in Pharmacy from Ohio Northern University (1998), Randee spent 15 years working in retail pharmacy, Internet pharmacy, assisted-living and other traditional pharmacy environments before burnout got the best of her.

“There were so many rules, so many demands, and so little time for patients,” she says. “When I punched into the pharmacy, I felt like I was checking out of myself.” Randee quit her job at a community pharmacy to become a consultant pharmacist delivering medication therapy management (MTM) services to patients all over the country via phone. The experience took her in an entirely new direction. With more and more health plans recognizing MTM as a critical prevention strategy, Randee couldn’t move fast enough to keep up with the demand. In 2012, she launched myMTMcare, and took on the role of CEO. Since then, Randee has worked on the company strategy, business development and service innovation in the MTM industry.

As CEO of myMTMcare, Randee is responsible for company strategy, business development, and service innovation in the MTM industry. Through her dedication to positively impacting the health of patients, creating a satisfying work environment for her employees, and sustaining value for her partners, Randee has created a highly competitive and successful MTM company that partners with health plans to create individualized MTM programs that allow them to meet their goals.

When she is not leading myMTMcare to the next frontier, Randee can be found at her local CrossFit gym, running trails, backpacking with her husband and daughter, or rejuvenating in a yoga class.

Randee new photo

“myMTMcare is an expression of everything I value. Each day is different, offering new challenges and opportunities. I love experiencing the growth and change of myMTMCare. I get to be an entrepreneur, a compassionate listener and a leader in my field all at once.”

Randee Bowder
CEO & Founder, myMtmCare

From our home base in Hood River, our team expands out across the United States with virtual offices in Ohio, New York, and more.

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How do we do it?

The fantastic part of what we do is that we can work remotely, each running our own home offices. We have an exclusive network of pharmacists that stretches across the nation, helping patients feel comfortable with nearby quality care.

Our model allows our team to achieve their personal goals of using their skills to benefit patients while having the flexibility to live the life they want.

Looking for services in your area?

You are in luck! Our business model is easily scalable thanks to a well-maintained database of over 400 pharmacists located across the country who have applied to work with us over the past 9 years. Our hiring process is dialed in. New employees are typically up and running in under 30 days. Our pharmacist network is designed for remote working. Our systems are scalable to support any number of users and effective and efficient communication among team members.When an opportunity comes along that requires more or localized staff solutions, we can respond quickly and confidently!

Our Business Model

Our approach to pricing is not the industry norm. We know the traditional model doesn't always work for everybody. Your needs are probably different. You need more control and better results. We don't do "per member/per month" pricing because that leads to bare-minimum-service at the lowest cost possible. With our "fee for service" model, our health plan partners get exactly what they pay for, and our incentives are aligned with your performance. That way your plan is perfectly tailored to your needs. Ready to get your personalized estimate? Get in touch with us!

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