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We’re on a mission to give health plans greater control, more effective outreach, and higher CMR completion rates. But that isn't all! Our team can help you with a broad range of programs all designed to get you the results you need.


Genuine approach, big results.

A team of all-stars

We are a team of experienced professionals who believe that individuals matter, challenges are the best opportunities, and that work should be fulfilling and fun.


We’ll have you seeing stars

We get it done! From our genuine approach to our team of experts, we have what it takes to get the results you want. But you don't have to take our word for it, check out our case studies to learn more about the success we have had with other clients.


We believe that together we can solve medication therapy problems.

We are working on making Medication Therapy Management easier, friendlier, and more personal. Like our health plan partners, we are committed to improving the health of the members we serve. We have a shared desire to make a difference in every patient interaction. This has given us a proven track record of getting our clients the star ratings they are looking for.


We know that every call matters. At myMTMcare, our experienced pharmacists approach each call thoughtfully and empathetically, an approach that consistently helps us win over that last 20% of patients other vendors can’t reach.

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We start with a genuine curiosity about your members and your goals. We work hard to get to know you, your challenges and needs. We ask all the right questions, we listen, and we learn. We create a program based on this, just for you.

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We get the results that get the ratings. We strive for making a lasting impact in the lives of the people we serve. We believe that health is fundamental and that our role is to bring clarity and an experience that is insightful and comforting to those who need it.

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Genuine Approach, Big Results

Our genuine approach to Comprehensive Medical Reviews (CMRs) is simple; we engage, we listen, and we respond. Patients need to feel the person they are working with genuinely cares, genuinely understands, and genuinely wants to help them feel better and be healthier.

This takes a special team, and that is what we have. Everybody who works at myMTMcare cares about the health and well-being of others and excels at engaging patients. We meet patients where they are and guide them through the medication review process. This approach is what yields big results.

Other MTM vendors make you pay big for small guarantees, completing only the minimum that is required. At myMTMcare, we strive to complete a CMR for every patient who has been identified.

We have developed a process of consistent outreach and CMR follow through. Once we have reached the member, we take the time to connect and thoughtfully guide them through the medication review process with one of our experienced pharmacists. This approach allows for the development of a relationship that positively impacts patient health, as well as gets big results for our clients.

Over the last decade, we have found that this approach works and, when it is applied by a team passionate about improving patient health, yields big results.

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We solve drug therapy problems and improve patient outcomes.

myMTMcare saves you time and money.

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We help patients understand their medications and take an active role in managing their health


Approximately half of filled prescriptions are taken incorrectly. This can result in serious side effects and complications. We dive deeper to not only identify barriers to adherence, but to offer tools to help patients incorporate their medication regimen into their daily lives. We help them understand what each medication does and why it’s important to take the right amount at the right time.

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We help patients take advantage of preventive screenings and immunizations available to them to keep them healthy and happy.


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” We take this to heart and encourage patients to utilize the preventive options available to them, including screenings and immunizations. We take into consideration the patient’s age and medical history to determine which services they may still need.

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We make sure patients are taking the safest medications for their age and condition to keep them healthier.


Sometimes patients are prescribed medications that cause major problems. This can be due to several factors, including their age, other health conditions, incorrect dosages, side effects, or taking interacting medications. We speak with patients directly to obtain a comprehensive list of both prescription and non-prescription medications to identify potential problems that can increase illness or hospitalization.

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We make sure patients only take those prescriptions they need and help find lower cost alternatives where possible.


Our goal is to improve patient outcomes while reducing the cost of healthcare. Part of this is keeping patients on track through medication adherence. The other part is making sure patients are prescribed just what they need and nothing else, avoiding unnecessary costs to both the patient and the program. We review the patient’s current conditions and formulary to make sure everything is square, and find less expensive options where available.

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We evaluate medication dosages to ensure they continue to make sense for the patient.


Patients are often started out at lower dosages of medications which are increased over time depending on their symptoms and tolerance of the medication. Other times, doses are scaled back due to side effects. We evaluate the patient’s medical history to see if their dosages remain appropriate, based on their diagnoses and past experiences with the medication.

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We look at the whole patient and watch for areas where improvements can be made.


We work closely with patients to identify opportunities to improve care. We inquire about recent appointments and labs to determine if patient is receiving timely follow-up and evaluating their medications to see if their current prescriptions are in line with best practices.

Talk is cheap. Let’s look at the results.

Our approach is different, therefore our numbers are different, and by “different” we mean outstanding! We get results and have the case studies to prove it!

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