Providing quality care through a patient forward approach.

Our team offers a wide variety of services for a patient-centric engagement model that yields real results. Our experienced staff works hard to reach your members, and when we do, our high-quality interactions allow members to hear and engage with the message. Put simply, you give us a patient group, a health issue to address, and we get to work.

Patient-centric medication therapy management services for patients in all 50 states. Custom plans tailored to population needs. Our personalized approach to Medication Therapy Management allows us to reach and engage the members that many MTM companies can’t. This is what gets us the results that exceed the rest.

Our MTM program encompasses a wide variety of services but centers around the annual comprehensive medication review for qualifying patients. Designed to pair populations in need with medication experts, our pharmacists work to ensure that patients are taking the appropriate medications and that they are adhering to the prescribed medication regimen. Pharmacists address any medication therapy problems, including: medication duplications, adverse effects, gaps in care, and the need for preventative care. Our thorough documentation and communication with patients and providers is key to initiating changes that will have a positive impact on your members' health.

Our MTM programs for Medicare Part D plans can support your program just where you need it. We offer:

  • National Coverage: myMTMcare pharmacists deliver high-quality, MTM services to patients in all 50 states.
  • Short-term CMR completion assistance: We will work seamlessly alongside your current staff to prevent confusion and provide the best service possible.
  • Problem Resolution: Our MTM pharmacists can work on the specific issues that matter for your population. Examples would be statin use in diabetes or cardiovascular disease, Stars-related adherence problems, flu shots, mammograms, and high-dose opioids.
  • Patient Communications: We can provide your patients with welcome letters and CMR reminder cards, as part of your MTM program. We also can provide Safe Disposal of Medications information as required by CMS MTM Program guidance. We have the ability to create and deliver tailored and unique patient communications by phone, text, email, or mail.
  • Operational Support: Assistance with audits, reporting, program submissions for MTM, CMS reporting, account administration and on demand reporting.
  • Software Integration: We can utilize your software or CSS software in the provision of MTM services. MTMPath, the SAAS platform from CSS, is also available for your use, should you choose to provide in-house MTM services.
  • Specialized Services: For non-MTM/special needs populations. For example, our pharmacists are trained to provide HIV-focused MTM programs and other specialty services. Inquire with us to see what other specialty services are available.
  • Custom Reporting: Our licensed CSS software, MTMPath, is highly configurable. All templates and reports can be modified to meet client needs at the time of implementation, or periodically during a program year.
  • Clinical Pharmacy Services: High-quality, one-on-one clinical pharmacy services (CPS) to patients in select locations.
  • Consulting Services: myMTMcare can set up established MTM companies, startups and schools of pharmacy for success and increase the impact of their MTM programs.

With exceptional CMR completion rates, myMTMcare is the link that health plans need to reach high-risk patients.

Our Stars Improvement Program, SIP, is customized telehealth, remote care for specialty populations designed to help the patient take action and get results. For providers that are looking to improve their star rating for health outcomes, we can help.

Our program engages your patient population in a hyper-focused initial review, and subsequent deeper level conversations to increase health literacy, self-care knowledge and strategies to move the patient towards their goals.

Our SIP-A programs connect our skilled pharmacists with the patients you have identified as at risk for missing the 80% PDC goal. Our team will work with these patients throughout all four quarters of the year and identify barriers to compliance. We work to get to the core of the issue, identifying key factors such as cost, side effects, miscommunications between patients and physicians, health literacy and complicated dosing regiments. Learn more about our SIP-Adherence program.

Medicare Part C Measures
This program is well positioned to help your Stars Rating on the following Medicare Part C Measures:

Medicare Part D Measures
We offer the SIP for the following Medicare Part D Measures:

Our Med-Rec Post Discharge program helps patients successfully transition back home and stay on track with their recovery post-discharge from the hospital.

Our team will work closely to identify eligible patients, obtain discharge information, provide a CMR within the 30-day time frame, provide appropriate documentation and ensure the most accurate recording of documentation.

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Need help transitioning from using an MTM vendor to doing MTM in-house? Or, maybe your MTM vendor isn't making the grade and your in-house team wants to pick up the slack? How do you manage an MTM program to meet all your team's goals? We are here to help!

With 10 years in business and 60 plus combined years of experience, let the myMTMcare team help you with all your MTM concerns. We've proven that we can help plans get to their CMR Completion Rate goals in record time. Let us help you do the same. From CMS expertise to patient-engagement techniques, our team can help you create the MTM program and results that will have you looking like the hero!