Our Approach is Different

What we need is simple, what we provide is special.

On the surface our approach is straightforward, we call patients and complete medication reviews and assessments. While it seems simple enough, the difficult part is getting our patients to say "Yes!" to this valuable service.

Connecting with people in a meaningful way over the phone isn’t easy. It takes the perfect balance of empathy, understanding, and expertise to first reach the patient, explain the benefits of speaking with a pharmacist, and complete a valuable comprehensive medication review.

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Our specialists engage with patients often reticent to participate…

The myMTMcare team brings a strategy to our outreach efforts. Our strategy is multi-faceted and flexible to allow our engagement team to follow their instincts and build rapport with the patient. They know how to engage, how to share, how to listen, and how to gain and maintain a patient’s focus.

What matters most about our strategy is our genuine approach. We are all heart and this approach yields big results.

“We hire experienced pharmacists that have people skills and passion”

As our name conveys, we specialize in MTM services, but have found that this approach works for all forms of patient engagement services. This is because we hire experienced pharmacists that have the people skills and the passion to engage any patient population and the clinical expertise to educate and inform on a wide variety of topics.

In addition to clinical expertise, we have a network of pharmacists across the country that allow us to provide localized services (language, specialized populations) that address specific needs and opportunities as they present themselves. This network based services model allows us to rapidly grow our capabilities to meet the needs of our clients.

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The collaboration between MediGold and myMTMcare is excellent. Our members benefit from this as well as the great service the myMTMCare team provides when performing outreaches to schedule and perform CMRs. Because of their focus and member care, our PPO and HMO plans are on track to achieve a 5-star rating.

Chris J. Turoff R.Ph.
Director of Pharmacy, Health Plans

myMTMcare has been an absolute pleasure to work with over these past many years. The quality of work, willingness to make adjustments where needed, and overall positive attitude has consistently projected our CMR completion rates to goal. myMTMCare is able to get the job done, and done right! It’s nice to have a partner who shares the same goals, treats our members with a personal touch, and who can perform at such a high level. The experience that comes from the myMTMCare team is unbeatable, making MTM program management a breeze.

- Melissa Evans, CPhT
Clinical Programs Strategist

myMTMcare is the best MTM vendor I have ever worked with. Our CMR completion numbers are phenomenal; better than they have ever been. The pharmacists and their team at myMTMcare are easily accessible and any issues that come up are immediately addressed. I appreciate that they are located in Oregon and only use Oregon pharmacists.

Amy Burns, PharmD, BCPS
VP of Population Health and Pharmacy Services

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