AllCare Health

AllCare is a locally owned and operated healthcare company in southern Oregon - we love our local here in Oregon!

If we hop in the way back machine and look at 2014, they were struggling to keep a 2 star rating, and at risk of losing their bonus while trying to bring about positive change in their community. Things went from bad to worse when in 2015, they saw a dip down to 1 star. In 2016, they decided to make a switch - plot twist.... They didn’t choose us.

MTM Web Case Study All Care
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Their new vendor did make things better, bringing them up to a 4 star rating, but they just couldn’t get the results that they knew myMTMcare could bring in


So, in 2017 they brought us the challenge of taking them that final stretch from 4 stars to the gold standard - 5 Stars!

We worked closely with their population, taking our genuine approach to reaching and engaging patients, and guess what? I know you know where this is heading... we got the big results! We upped the completion rate, we got the 5 stars... and we just kept going!


After one year in partnership with AllCare, we proved that we could earn them a 5-star rating. In 2018, we earned yet another 5 star rating and also boosted their completion rate percentage to 88%!

Spoiler alert - those numbers get even better in 2019.

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We have a lot more to say, but we’ll cut to the chase...

Work hard, make patients happy, get five-star ratings. It’s that easy.

myMTMcare partners with health plans like yours to work toward a common goal: increasing CMR completion rates and achieving a 5 star rating. We reach the last 20% of customers other MTM companies don’t by personally and emphatically engaging with each customer.

Simply put, we are your 5 Star CMR completion rate partner. We know shifting cut points for ratings make achieving goals challenging, but we can help. Our friendly staff makes higher ratings effortless. We take time to get to know you, your customers, and your challenges so we can work together to make big things happen