MediGold Case Study

For more than twenty years, MediGold has provided their members with
cost-effective, high-quality, local health and drug coverage. They choose myMTMcare as their MTM partner in 2017 and for the next 3 years our pharmacists provided their members high-quality MTM services, bringing their CMR completion rate up from 2 Stars to 5 Stars.

Their story is not unique. They were struggling with a downward trend on their star ratings and needed a change. They found us and that’s where the story gets interesting.

In just two short years, our partnership with MediGold really pushed them above and beyond. Overall, we increased the CMR completion rate on their first plan by nearly 42%, and 26% on their second!

MTM Web Case Study Medi Gold
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Nowhere but up!

In 2016, MediGold found themselves in a common situation - they were struggling with decreasing CMR completion rates. When the Star ratings were published in 2016, they found that their completion rate had dipped to 2 Stars, and they lost their Medicare bonus. In talking to MediGold about how we approach the CMR and how our associates and pharmacists are able to reach and engage patients that other vendors struggled with, they agreed to let us help.

Our goals were clear: Increase the percentage and get their bonus back... and that’s exactly what we did.


In 2017, we increased the completion percentage on both of their plans, raising their it from 62% to 87% on one plan and from 35% to 55% on the other!


Through teamwork and perseverance, myMTMcare did a great job working with MediGold to increase their CMR completion rate percentages, but we don’t settle for great! In 2018, we increased their percentages even further, increasing their star rating to 5 and 3 (77%), which in turn got them their Medicare bonus.


And the news gets even better! Our 2019 numbers are in and we have pushed that 3 star rating up to 4 stars at 88%, and maintained the 5 star rating for the other plan with an 89% completion rate. We took a trend and turned it upside down.

What is that saying? Take that frown and turn it upside down?

Yeah, we did that!

myMTMcare partners with health plans like yours to work toward a common goal: increasing CMR completion rates and achieving a 5 star rating. We reach the last 20% of customers other MTM companies don’t by personally and emphatically engaging with each customer.

Simply put, we are your 5 Star CMR completion rate partner. We know shifting cut points for ratings make achieving goals challenging, but we can help. Our friendly staff makes higher ratings effortless. We take time to get to know you, your customers, and your challenges so we can work together to make big things happen